Egg-xtremely Cool Design


Designer: Sid Tomkins

Illustrator: Noma Barr

Marketed in France in print, magazines, and newspapers



The designer used contrast with the white against dark blue. He also used smaller text in comparison with the large image.

Repetition was used in the color yellow. It was repeated in a few spots throughout the design.

A left alignment was used for the text, and the text all next to each other, instead of scattered about.

The designer used proximity to put all the text together. The most important text is bold and large, while the text underneath is smaller and more plain. The company logo is also right underneath the text.

Color was used very sparingly in this design. Only three colors: dark blue, yellow, and white were used. This makes it more on the minimalist side. The color yellow is repeated for attention-grabbing.

Overall, this design was effective because of the minimalism, great proximity and alignment, and the repetition of the color yellow that catches your eye.